Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cargo to Clutch

Wherein the Good Girl makes good on
one of her Birthday Resolutions!

I was browsing the new Delish online mag last night & came upon this Tshirt clutch tutorial(it's on pg 34). The tutorial is actually from Made By Lex...she pretty much rocks! Check out her other tutorials here!

Not having any Tee's that I was willing to sacrifice in the name of DIY, I dug through the Goodwill pile of The Boy's clothes that hadn't yet made it to donations & found a pair of cargo shorts.

I cut off the legs before I remembered to take a pic,
pretend they are still attached :)

Also, pretend I can actually follow directions because that didn't happen either!

~Cut off the legs & save the top for your next project...

Diaper cover?

~Sewed on vintage applique* & then
sewed the sides & bottom together~
* look familiar from here & here

~Found a vintage scarf for the lining~
(goodwill score for $1.50...check out the label!!)

~Sewed up the sides, stuck the clutch in the lining~


Whipped it all up together with a hair tie
& vintage button closure.



Yeah, real easy... (FYI sarcasm font greatly needed!)

I only ran out of thread in the bobbin twice, broke the thread 20 times (note to self, don't use vintage thread in the sewing machine!!), broke the sewing machine needle, stabbed my fingers with the needle about 100 times & ran out of lime for my gin & tonic (boo!)! Still, all in all...I accomplished something! Whoohooo! Not bad for my first attempt ever at sewing a clutch!

You may be seeing more of them once
I figure out why my sewing machine
won't work anymore ;)

What have you birds been up to this week?


CrowNology said...

The clutch is nice though...

Lori said...

So cute! I like the combination of fabrics. I LOVE your description of injuries and gin & tonic. Can so relate.

kirstyb said...

fabulous xxx

Kate said...

Jo this is fantastic! Nicely done!!! Be careful, though, that shift from jewelry designer to seamstress is a dangerous one. You may never go back.

Iva said...


Yellow Elm said...

too cute!

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