Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fashion Forward

Yours truly was invited to give her weigh in on
summer fashion likes & dislikes in the local
Raleigh paper this Memorial Day!

Click here to read my 2 cents
...I sound like such a fashion snob ;)

**Just say no to the jean short shorts**

What are your summer fashion go to staples?

I'm loving the JCrew catalog that just came out!

Lots of layered jewelry & light weight feminine dressing!

Jewelry + swimsuits...A big YES from me!

I want to hear your summer fashion pet peeves!!
Rant away....


Lori said...

So so cute. Yes, I agree - no to short jean shorts and no, you didn't sound like a snob. :)

I lived in your area for about 5 years. holly springs. :) Beautiful area.

Cydney said...

I do love all those stacked necklaces!

S and O said...

I love that last outfit :)
The rose cardigan is so pretty and so is that top!


Kristin said...

Totally agree about statement jewelry. I LOVE dressing up a Hanes mens tank and shorts or a skirt with an ornate necklace or earrings!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

For me it's prolly the socks with sandals thing, I just DON'T GET THAT one. I may try it one of these days, but not sure if it would be comfortable. . . hmmm....