Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot Mess

Summer is upon us
& I am one Hot Mess!

Which, while it is bad for my hair,
it is great for inspiration!

...One day she'll get her life straightened out!
(available here)

...Drama Drama Drama
(available here)

Hot Mess Bridal...oh yeah!
(available here)

We all have our meltdowns don't we!?!

I was pretty sure (once again) that after my Losing My Religion series I was bereft of creativity. It's baaaack :) Why do I doubt it so? These cycles of creativity ...mine have been more off than on lately. Dipping my toes in other creative outlets (like this craftiness) to see if that bolsters me back into the swing of things!

Pray tell , What do you turn to for inspiration
or when you are stuck in a creative rut?

...happy weekending :)


Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh my inspiration comes, goes and changes over time. Last week I was all about the light and airy and enjoying the outdoors. Too bad that meant I didn't want to actually sit down and write! Great necklaces, by the way!

SewSweetStitches said...

Ooh I love the bridal one!

Creativity? Comes from naps. Seriously! I read some crafty books and magazines, read all my favorite blogs, clean my craft room, and take a nap. When I wake up, I have all kinds of fabulous ideas! Your brain just needs time to marinate in all the new inspiration before it can translate it into useful ideas :)

Kate said...

If I could live out the rest of my life surrounded only by the colors in that first necklace, my life would be so awesome. Such a great piece!

Kristin said...

That first one is just gorgeous! My hair is a mess too. I'm doing pics with it natural for tomorrow's champagne sat. post...frightening. Oh well, beachy waves are in right? HA!

S and O said...

I love the hot mess bridal piece :)
it looks so Victorian...those pears are awesome!

hahaha I love your music :)


Jessica said...

Gorgeous pieces!

When I'm in a rut, I just try to get out of the house and go antiquing or go on a little roadtrip. Taking myself out of my usual element and admiring something I haven't seen before can spark new ideas.

alexkeller said...

love! and i wish i knew....i had a really good day last week & make a bunch of little pretties, but since then, nada. oh, and i still need to photograph - eep!