Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day Giveaway

~Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway~

Have you entered to win these earrings in
this little giveaway I'm having?

Deadline for entries is tonight!!
(Enter right here on this post)


I've slowly been editing the 12 million photos I received from
Scott Bryant from the Redress Fashion Show.
(not really 12 million but there is over 400!)

Looove this one of me with my girls
as I go to take my curtsy after the show...

~This is one was taken before the show~
(& before I put on my heels, I'm like a Smurf next to them!hahaha)
My friend Lauren custom made that dress for me!
Looove it! You can check out her line Lllavender right here!

Can you believe the week is almost over already!?!
Crazy! I've accomplished nothing!

Oh wait, that's not true...
I did put this necklace up for grabs in the shop...
~Feathered Friend~

It would be quite lovely with those earrings you're going to win ;)
Did you enter yet?


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Walk The Sand said...

Beautiful earrings, and lovely photographs. It all looks amazing.

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