Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wrapped in Your Embrace

First & foremost my dearest birds...
A big Thank you for all your well wishes & lovely comments. I feel so blessed & cared for by you lovelies! & you know what they say...

"Friends are God's way of apologizing for family"
{author unknown}

(if you're reading this & your family...I'm just kidding)

~Wrapped in Your Embrace~

uh...what I meant to say is "Friends are family you get to choose" ...yes, that's it!

Update: Today I am feeling much better! I went to see an ENT Thurs. who is pretty darn sure I don't have an inner ear problem (which is what is usually the problem when people complain of vertigo).

So what does that mean???
...I'm special {but we already knew that ;) }
& for now, no one knows what's wrong.

Perhaps I'm really ditzy & not dizzy
& should dye my hair blond ;)
(no offense blondies, you're all highly intelligent!)


...moving on...

I updated the shop with all the jewelry from the runway show!
Whohooo....very productive week over here in Good Girls Studio land!

like this...
(she's here)

I also created a new collection...

~vintage applique/trim galore~

None of it is in the shop yet but it will be sometime this weekend.
Most of it is already @ Revolver so if you're in Raleigh go see Liz & say "Hi" to my pretties :)

Doing a little jewelry shopping this weekend? Head on over to the Indie Fixx Galleria & grab my coupon code before you hit the shop!

Any big plans for the weekend? I have a coffee date this afternoon with some girlfriends & tomorrow The Boy & I are going bowling with some of his friends. I may have to throw in side of scavenging with my mom ;)


Thee Good Girl


Createology said...

So glad you are feeling better. My you have been busy. Your new pieces are lovely. Happy weekend to you...

Fringe said...

Oh no! I have been a neglectful of my wonderful blog friends and so I didn't know you've been suffering.

I'm relieved to find that you are feeling better, dear one.

I love your new pieces, they're so pretty and fun and sparkly!

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to take it easy...xoxo

alexkeller said...

i love that cuff :) and i was just catching up on my reading and saw you on indie fixx - yay!

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Beautiful jewelry! Be careful with that dizziness!! Have a great weekend, despite..

Pearl Westwood said...

The applique is so pretty, hope you feel better x

Becca. said...

gorgeous photos, adore your jewellery!


kirstyb said...

beautiful xxxx

Kristin said...

I hope they're able to figure out just what it is soon. I coffee date with the ladies sounds just lovely!