Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walker (not of the Texas Ranger Variety)

How did it get to be Thursday & we still haven't finished our walk from Mon??? I think we were headed down to the creek to splash around in the water....

Down the muddy falling this time ;)

This was the coolest plant! All curled into itself like a snail. anyone know what it is ??
I could sit & listen to the water rushing over the rocks for hours. I think I will...
even Tyler joined me for a rest :)...ok we should probably head back...
ohhh what's that?? T & E??? Tyler loves who??
Elizabeth perhaps??
I tried to get closer but a huge spider tried to crawl
into my shoe & well...that was that!
& then we spotted this...
ahhhh...Johanna Loves M!!
...Manly? Mordecai? Matthew? Mark?
Whoever could it be :)

(FYI we did not carve those heart felt notions, just a lucky find!)

& back home again! I'm not entirely sure where this week went?? Have you seen it?I really haven't even accomplished all that much. Ordered some supplies, finally took my car to the shop, lounged about (it's been rather rainy & dreary which sapped up some serious energy).
...I did manage to grow a few more flowers (of the vintage variety) :)

~Plumage No2~~The Black Dahlia~
Lots of yummy green foliage & the big black flower is from a brooch that someone might recognize as it was a gift to me last week ;)


It is also time for Thursdays Thrifty Finds!!! Now I didn't actually have time to go out thrifting this week but I thought it would be fun to show off some of the bird themed vintage finds my mom has generously gifted me with recently!

Up first is this spectacular little fellow who I think is a vase?
He's quite small though & fits in the palm of my hand.
Isn't he a chunker!?! Look at those cheeks!

He showed up at the same time as this lovely birdie bell...
Doesn't my mom find the best stuff!?! gets better!
What's that you say?
It's just a mug with bird feet painted on??
Oh no my feathered's soo much more!
It has a bird on it!
& it is actually a whistle that sounds like bird calls!
I can sip my coffe whilst on the porch & sing right back to those silly 'ol birds!

Back to work my birdlings!
Tweet Tweet,


Kate said...

Hooray! I just knew you'd make something rad out of that old stuff. You rock, Jo! said...

nt brooches just like that, and IIIIIII wannnnnna go to the stream now, and and.... I am acting like Varuca Salt, tee hee ;) xoxo