Monday, April 6, 2009


~Mercy Me~
...she was very superstitious carrying her crosses with her every where she went.

Want to see it on??
Check it out in the shop for closeups on the crosses.
My favorite is the one with the all seeing eye!

This necklace was actually to be named Lordy until a nun told me it seemed a bit sacrilegious ;) Mercy seemed a pretty fitting name after the week I just wrapped up! Major car expense followed by said car getting picked up & then blowing up after it was fixed! Sheesh!

Mercy ....reminds me of this

I miss So You Think You Can Dance! Not sure I can make it 'till summer!
(yes, I know I'm a dork!) Thank God for YouTube!


Hope you birds had a lovely weekend. We didn't do much. Tyler did yard work with my dad while I helped my mom get ready for a party. She made a yummy Mexican dinner for a bunch of us gals & we watched Entertaining Angels. If you haven't seen it, it's about Dorothy Day & the Catholic Workers movement. Very eye opening & convicting about how much we waste & how as a society we have such luxuries that we think of as "needs" when there are those around us literally going hungry & live w/o basic necessities. I know, sounds like a downer for a dinner party but it was very uplifting & we had a fantastic time (especially since the nuns make the best Sangria!...not even kidding!)!

My mom & I anticipating Sangria!
(aren't we cute!)

Tyler is on spring break this week & we are off to rainy week on the coast! I love the beach when it is cloudy & dreary. No sunburn :)
(yes, I'm trying to stay positive as the forecast for this week & is not so sunshiny!)


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Kate said...

Okay, so I'm going to take the high road here and NOT make fun of you for the dancing show...even though you busted my butt for reading Twilight. See how I work that? It's a "ha ha" on you, without the actual "ha ha". I'm smooth like that, yo.

P.S. Eric Bachmann is in Raleigh tonight. Try not to stalk him okay? The man is mine. Seriously, though, I should have planned a road trip so we could finally meet in person and see a hot man at the same time. Yeesh. Next time.

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