Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Inspiration Walk

A walk in the park...
~A Portrait of Saturday~
Ready to go!

Walking shoes on...& we're off

This tree is amazing with all it's gnarls & huge roots!

~Let's go~

...ok, so Tyler was determined to take this short cut down to the the creek. He slipped & slid all the way to the bottom while I played the role of Ms. Nervous Nelly, screaming nonsensical mommy things like "be careful" & "watch out"! He made it fine. So...I thought, 'well if he could do it so I can I '
....{heh heh}
I ended up with this view as my camera went off while when I landed face down in the mud ;)
Hilarious! I laid there laughing , mostly because I was stuck, (I couldn't get up with the camera in my hand & my feet sliding around in the slippery mud) & watching strangers walk by shaking their heads :)

I finally made it up, no thanks to Tyler who stood there shaking his head at me telling me "what did you expect, you're not a kid!" Thank you son...thanks a lot ;)

Thus inspired a few more pieces of floral jewelry goodness!

~Fresh Picked No8~

(all available in the shop)

'Till next time
...we'll finish our walk tomorrow :)


Don't steal my pictures yo!
Or I'll have to shoot you with my gun ;)
Seriously though!
Anyone know how to Watermark photographs?? I've already had some stolen & I figure if they are steal worthy than perhaps I will start selling them...any ideas???



Kate said...

Heh heh. You better watch out or I'm gonna rob you of yer pictures.

Good Girls Studio said...

Stop ...thief...{bang} {bang} :)

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