Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indy Week

Ok, so no more holding of my breath!
My jewelry was featured locally in the Indy Weekly. For all you non Raleigh birds you can check it out online right here! Click on images 11 & 15 to see my necklace & ring :) Sweet! A big thank you to Michelle who got me in there! She is the amazing founder of the Rock and Shop Market & IndieNC & she is the besties! The article is about repurposing & features clothes by Jamie Powell who is amazing.

Another amazing crafter extraordinaire is my dearest Kate of the Paper Sparrow lineage :) She sent me box chock full of vitage jewelry to rip up & basically roll around in (which is what I did after squealling & dancing around the room!)
Wanna see???

3 wrds for you Kate (besides a big huge THANK YOU!!)
No Take Backs :)

I did get right to work on that wedding line I was talking about in the last post.

So busy whipping them up that I used mismatched beads on one of the sets! oopsy! Better go fix that! I took a bunch of pictures & only noticed it when I went to put them away! {Sheesh} I think I may be coming down with Tylers bug!

I scored a bunch of vintage goodies today (in addition to my loot from Kate)! 2 gorgeous handbags & a bunch of old china to make cake stands with.... Pics coming tomorrow!



Kate said...

SWEET! I'm so glad you can use this stuff. I instantly thought of you when I saw those flowers. I'd love to see what you do with the stuff (so would my other family members), so please feel free to share when you get some jewelry put together.


Good Girls Studio said...

I will definitely get pics up once I make a few pieces. Really couldn't believe you were willing to part with those goodies! Now they're Mine ALL MiNe! :)

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