Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursdays Thriftiness

I'm having an affair. I {heart} Goodwill, it has stolen my heart, but (thankfully) not my checkbook! Which makes it all the more better for the bank account :) Thought I'd share some oldies but goodies that I snagged this week....

~ Vintage Coro brooch, enameled flower earrings,
assorted clip on earrings & the buzzing little bee brooch~
Jewelry making supplies to add to the 'ol jewelry box.

Thee most fantastical vintage summer bag. Aside from a scuff mark on one handle this bag is in perfect condition! Not sure if you can tell from the terrible unartistic photo but it is covered in tiny white plastic cabs! Does anyone know the name of this style purse?? It opens up like a shopping bag(does that even make sense?) , there's no closure to it, you just pull the handles apart & the bag opens.

Anyway, another great Granny bag...

Again with the barely used vintage! A couple of barely noticeable scuffs on the leather exterior but even the inside (aside from the tissues & bobby pins I picked out, haha) is in barely used condition. It has 4 very cool pockets on the inside too & is marked Coblentz Original. Sweet!

2 bags at $1.99 apiece! Looove it! I never ever find handbags in good condition at Goodwill, this is my score for the year I am sure. Do you ever have that feeling that you are supposed to go to Goodwill (or insert your favorite thrift shop here) on a certain day? My mom & I do. & sure enough, when we go after we've had that feeling (premonition if you will) ...we SCORE! Big Time!

I also snatched up more plates for my cake stands/jewelry props.
& last but certainly not least....

Meet Schmilly!
Our latest addition to the family :)
(oddly enough, he rather looks like me!)
He was too stink'n cute I had to snatch him & his brother up (bro lives in my mother's secret garden where he surprised her when she returned home from a business coming)! He has 3 more brothers & I'm debating going back & giving them all good homes as well. I should probably refrain...mostly because for as thrifty as I was today I also paid full price for my very first speeding ticket! Craptastical!

{Preface: don't click these next 2 links if you're easily offended, foul mouth alert!}

I did chuckle a bit whilst being pulled over because I couldn't stop thinking about this skit by Dane Cook where he's shouting about the cops megmix siren. :) That man makes me giggle at the most inappropriate times. I'll never be able to take communion at church again w/o chuckling a bit first.

That's my excitement for the day my feathered friends...
I think I shall try & post a thrifty/vintage finds posting every Thurs.
What sayeth you?

(The unfortunately not so good girl)

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Kate said...

SO eternally jealous about the gnome. Everyone thinks I'm nuts but I'm dying for an old lawn gnome for my garden. The newer ones look I want an old one. I'm glad he found a home with you and your mom.

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