Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mother Load

Holy cow I hit the Mother Load of vintage jewelry!

I spent the weekend sorting through this....

~About 10 pounds worth of vintage goodness~

(eeek...devil bunny be gone!)

When my desk looks like this, I get a bit nutty!

(contemplating this crazy Mexican pendant)

(He's a bit terrifying, definitely a keeper!)

yeah, that's my grrr face...hahaha :)

Thankfully my life source was nearby...
AKA...Good & Plenty

(my solution to not having a supply of black jelly beans!)

Here have some...
They rather look like a handful of Prozac don't ya think ;)

I loooove licorice!!

It's definitely a love it or hate feeling towards them. I've never met anyone that didn't have a strong feeling one way or another.


What were you birds up to this weekend?
I watched Avatar (finally) & was really moved by it's beauty & the amazing imagination behind all the background & creatures! Should have seen it on the big screen! We watched up until the last big fight scene & The Boy looks over at me & goes "this movie is a little violent huh!" :) After watching 2hrs of fighting he decides it's a little violent...hahaha!

I managed to clear off the desk & was busy making jewelry into the wee hours of the morning last night so I predict a shop update in the very near future!

TaTa For Now...


icandy... said...

you sure did hit the motherload, you good girl, you!
ohhhh, i wish that i could've been there to help root through it all! ;)
(that's a pretty sweet grrrr face, BTW!)
i am totally a licorice lover... mine's the red kind, tho~ but i just love the taste of anise in recipes! i get my love for licorice from my father! :)
what have i been up to?
no good. *muahaha!*
love and hugs,

Saving Capulet said...

oh my my those pendants are gorgeous!! o.o imagine all the wonderful things you can make with them~

SewSweetStitches said...

Oh WOW! Those are amazing!

Kristin said...

I bet you have gorgeous things in store for us!

Createology said...

You certainly know where to shop. We have nothing at all around here. Happy creating...
P.S. Count me as I love licorice!

S and O said...

oh wow, baby now that's what I call a stash!!
Seriously loving that glittery jewelry in picture 3...that devil bunny is awesome!!

talk about mouth watering...


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Take me to your mother!!! I am soo jealous!!! Enjoy all the fun creating!

Anna said...

oh man sifting through that must be such fun - a little jealous :)


Kate said...

I want to dive head first into that box...

taylah_ said...

hi, thanks for your comment!
your blog is very sweet, and I am so jealous of your find! Your jewellery is beautiful.

Love taylah

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