Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In With the New

Out with the old
(well, not out...more like transforming the old!)
In with the new ...

Shop update complete

~Penny For Your Thoughts~
...she was constantly staring off into space,
daydreaming of when they might be together again
(available here)

~Shooting Star~
...every night she stared out the window hoping she'd see a shooting star, praying that one day her wishes would be granted...that he would return to her.
(available here)

~Wishful Thinking No3~
...she looked wistfully out the window at the storm approaching ...when she said she wanted a white wedding she hadn't meant she wanted to be married in a snowstorm!
(available here)

~Wrapped in Your Embrace~
...never so content as I am in your arms.
(available here)

She's my favorite of this shop update! She's also the 3rd (& last) one in this style I've made as I have no more of the bottom feather {sigh}, 'tis the nature of working with vintage!

I love how she hides the pearls inside her womb!! The imagery behind this piece moves me every time I touch her & talk about her. Very female & sexual & yet at the same time also spiritual in nature. I will be sad when she's gone!

~The Latest Hot Mess!~
(available here)

& last but not least...
~Falling to Pieces~
...without him by her side her life was falling to pieces. She'd wander around the garden slowly picking the petals off the flowers & watching them float gracefully towards the ground.
(available here)

Yeah I accomplished something today!
What did you birds cross off your to-do list?


Fringe said...

Wowza! Beautiful, dreamy, delicious new pieces. You've been a busy girl...Well done and bravo!


CrowNology said...

Dishes. Blegh. But necessary with the absence of water these few days...
Love these new pieces, esp the farthing.
(now to take some photos as reward for dishes done! ;))

Debby said...

So many gorgeous things, beautiful post.

Createology said...

Lovely new/old items. You certainly did accomplish a lot today. Me? Thank you for asking. (that would mean Not a darn thing!)
Happy creating...

Kristin said...

That pearl number is SO cool!

E said...

That shooting star necklace is just beautiful!!

the real mia said...

Oooh, I just love the bird coin with the pearls. LOVELY!