Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Friends Forever

What in the world am I going to do with myself
now that my BF has gone back home??

I probably should clean the place up but I was already forced to dust once this week (haha) & we did straighten things as we redecorated my place with the scores from our week of thrifting!

This drapery is from the '70's...
(I feel like a fairy princess sleeping here now!)

I scored these 1960's curtains at a going out of business sale..
(pretty sure my mom used to have a sheet set in this same print!)

We spent most the week shopping, cooking, redecorating my townhouse & laughing our butts off. We've know each other for 15'ish years now & it's soo nice to be around someone who truly knows you & your past. Who gets the inside jokes & isn't afraid to tell you the truth & who will dance party with you in the kitchen while making dinner :)

The night before she went home I was tucking The Boy in bed & he says "I'm going to miss Aunt Yvette. I call her Vet for short because it's a nickname & she's a veterinarian." son, no she's not {giggle} "Oh, well I'm still going to call her that!" :)


I got the pleasure of revamping her grandmother's jewelry while she was in town! I had soo much fun & I am soo happy with how it all turned out!
(Her great-grandmothers Garnets, grandmothers costume pearls, skeleton key & the key to her jewelry box! Soo sweet!)
(Yvette modeling her new necklace.Her hair is soo gorgeous! She's like Rapunzel!)

(Beads from her step-moms necklace, pendant made from a piece of her wedding invitation)

(vintage brooches)

(More of the garnets)

Are you dying over this bird coin!?! It's a Farthing! There will be some baubles up for sale with them as she left some for me. I rather like this style of bracelet I made & need to make some for the shop I think. What do you think?

What have you birds been up to all week?
I'm playing catch up all weekend
so I'll be popping to by to visit you soon :)


My Owl Barn said...

I stumbled across your blog and love it! Your jewelry pieces are gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

S and O said...

Oooh that is some very pretty jewelry...I love the light blue piece :)
Happy Friday!


Kristin said...

It always stinks to see your bestie go. Meg is coming in a couple weeks and I can't wait!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Nothing better than the company of a good friend! So glad that you two had a good time and I adore your finds and your jewelery pieces are to die for, I'm in awe of your creativity you clever girl!!

Thanks for your sweet words my friend, I miss and adore you!

Love and big hugs,

Kate said...

I adore the idea of using drapery as a headboard. You're a genius, Jo!

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