Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lipstick Jungle

How is it that whenever I clean out my handbag there are always no less than 5 lipsticks rolling around the bottom the bag. Don't even get me started on how many lip-glosses I have in there! No wonder it weighs so much :) & here's the kicker...I never ever have any on! (& by never ever I mean 95% of the time & if I managed to put some on it never gets reapplied once I leave the house)

Why do we do this?
(yes, I said we, I'm not alone in this right!?!)

Would you be more apt to reapply
if you had this handy dandy lipstick holder??

Isn't it soo cute!?!

Tres chic to pull this out of your purse
at the restaurant to touch up!

Bonus: it makes finding your lipstick much easier to find
in your bottomless pit, oh, I mean handbag ;)

& if you're not up for reapplying in public how about this ...

I found him in an antique store & snatched it up because of the bird obsession not even knowing what it was!

How cute would that be sitting on your vanity!?!

Well they can all be yours if you need to fancy up your lipstick supply!
I'm purging my lipsticks & thus their vintage accessories as well. I decided that since I can't actually remember the last time I purchased a lipstick...well, the lipsticks in my handbag must be vintage too & that my dearest birds is disgusting! What's the longest you've held onto a lipstick? Come on be honest!!! 1 year, 3? I found a MAC lipstick I purchased when I lived in Brooklyn...10 yrs ago! OMG! hahaha :)

They are all up for grabs in my vintage shop which I am slowly updating after a hiatus of months now! My thrifting finds are getting out of control & it's high time I give back!


Have you birds been having a lovely week?
The boy had his last official day of 2cd grade on Tues.
Tuesday, the same day the AC died in our house!
I'm perspiring* all over my keyboard as I type this
upstairs where it is no less than 85 degrees :(
& grand start to summer vacation!

*Good Girls perspire, we don't sweat ;) I am glistening away

I may be sitting on an ice pack in this picture to cool off !
(please note I actually put on lipgloss for this picture!)

Stay cool my birds!


Lori said...

So true! I just cleaned out purses and found all of my supposedly lost Burt's Bees (addicted to). I think I found about six. Love the holders.

PonderandStitch said...

The bird holder is adorable!! Oh, and I have no air conditioning in my house, so I feel your pain!

alexkeller said...

i' terrible at reapplying, too & i must go see your vintage shop! when did that happen? must not have been paying attention ...

Kristin said...

Oh no. That stinks. I lived in the basement of an old row house in DC without air and it was brutal!

E said...

That is so friggin' adorable. Very much a Dita von Teese accessory :-)

kayemkay said...

wow, i love that lipstick holder!
i love all things white and vintage.
and i totally hear you with the whole lip gloss bit. i'm the same way with pens!
when i see one on the counter, i throw it in my bag "in case". the other day husband asked me if i knew where all the new pens were. when i emptied my bag i found the entire 6 pack (and then some.)

SewSweetStitches said...

2. You have a vintage shop? I didn't even know!
3. Yea, I'm exactly like that with lipstick and lipgloss! I have a purse full of it, and when I'm getting ready to go somewhere I'll stand at my mirror and paw through my makeup and say GAHHH WHERE ARE ALL MY LIPSTICKS??!! And you're right, it never gets reapplied!
4. Forget how many vintage lipsticks I have, how many melted ones are stuck to the inside of the middle console in my car??

Becca. said...

lovely lip colour!

aphrodita wibowo said...

good idea to put the lipstick in a cute holder...