Friday, May 21, 2010

Losing My Religion

Wherein the Good Girl gets a revelation!

As I briefly mentioned here, I've been spending lots of time pondering my spiritual journey. This series is entirely based on the meanderings of my mind & soul during this process. A journey into an idea I believe we can all embrace. You see, I've lost my religion. That is, not my belief in God, but in the institution that is labeled religion. This life here on earth is about love & relationships, not labels & buildings. I've lost my religion & gained soo much more of Him!

(please note that I am in no way mocking anyone's religion or shaking fists from a pulpit. One Good Girl trying to make her way through the craziness of this crafty life & sharing the nuggets of wisdom I've gleamed)

So without further ado...
~Losing My Religion~
~It Is Finished~ is here... is now...
(available here)

~Keeping the Faith~
...'cuz you gotta have faith, faith, faith...
{& George Michael)
(available here)

~Mercy Me~
...mercy mercy me...
...things aren't what they used to be...
(available here)


Have you birds been behaving yourselves this week?
If not you'll have to go stand in time out ;)

That would be The Boy (No12) @ Basketball tryouts.
I think they were measuring their heights
but it sure does look like they all got in big trouble! HAHA!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Cydney said...

The picture of 'time out' is too funny!

I think I do know what you mean, about labels and buildings...

'Mercy Me' is still my favorite!

Lori said...

Oh my but I do love this post! And you know what? I've kinda been losing my religion a bit lately as well. So I can totally relate. Sometimes you just have to take time to reexamine. Now, I'm off to follow those fabulous necklace links.

SewSweetStitches said...

Crap now I'll have George Michaels stuck in my head all day.... "I know not everybaaaahdy has got a body like meee!"

CrowNology said...

I listen to "Freedom" at least 10x/week. :)

CrowNology said...

I've never been able to do the "church thing" since a bad experience as a child but I feel god in every turn...I have my own set of beliefs and I am happy with them. Anything that is touched by man is tainted and so I keep my religion to myself. Sometimes it is hard but mostly it is sustaining and very kind.
I absolutely love this collection Hanna. (I was going to write Johanna...Is that a name you have used or am I losing my mind, more so than usual?)
Great shot of the little man...Kind of like a line-up!

Good Girls Studio said...

Andrea you are right x's 2:Hanna is my nickname ;) & people do indeed taint things, human nature & all. Glad you have found your place with Him!


alexkeller said...

my feeling is believe what you need to - sometimes i feel i need faith more than others, and sometimes it take a more traditional form and sometimes it's more about nature.
love the new themes, too!