Tuesday, February 10, 2009

V- Day Dilemmas

Remember my Valentines Day rant from this post? Well now I have a problem...I am totally obsessed with this movie & sound track & thus ready to ditch my girlfriends for him...

Do you think Glen Hansard is single & perhaps available on short notice for dinner on Saturday ;)

::le swoon::

Love a singing gent who is willing to bare his soul & serenade you. I am too much of a romantic for this life.

There is a change in the air & a quickness in my step as my reality of life is ever changing. I have a job interview on Thursday that will pull me away in different directions ...from designing, from being home with the boy, from this...freedom. I envision myself a bird... able to fly South & just as quickly float back North with the changing of the seasons. Spreading her wings to the next adventure in this grand life here on planet earth. Awaiting her final flight home. As I struggle to be at peace (Thy will be done) I sit here plotting out time, carving my days into creative shelters to hole up into. Whittling holes in my schedule where I can create on command. Perhaps I am just tired. Perhaps I've been too stressed to design or create anything all week & the weekend is just as crammed. I will go now & rest my head inside a dream. & worry not my feathered friends...I will not be closing up shop! New designs won't show up daily any more but I wouldn't be able to live w/o creating so your jewelry boxes & treasure chests will remain full !

rest assured that if I get this job you will squeal in delight because you birds are all quite fond of this particular company! ; ) As I am as well. So all will not be lost! Just floaty pause of sorts!


Kate said...

Okay, so what do I have to do to find out what this job is all about? I'm dying to know!!!

I can't tell from your post whether or not to say I'm sorry that you have to go back to work. Was this something you wanted to do, or something you have to do? There's a big difference.

Oh, and in terms of the boy, now you know why I travel all over god's green earth to see Mr. Eric Bachmann. I'm a stalker at heart and he is, quite possibly, the hottest man on the face of the planet. Shhh, just don't tell my husband.

Good Girls Studio said...

It is a have to right now. More info soon. No worries...have you sent my prize yet?? I need a pick me up :)