Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Girls Horde

Some Girls Horde...indeed.
I am a hoarder (not to be confused with a pack rat!). I've just finished the first batch of uploads of vintage goodness to the now vintage & destash supply shop ! You will find some initials from this previous post along with a smakering of clip on earrings, findings & a brooch {thus far}.

More coming this week ...that is if I can part with anything else! I go to list something in the shop & suddenly find a new use for it{wait wait... that could be turned into bobby pins or a ring or or or ...}

::le sigh::

I'm hoping to find joy in the fact that my treasures will become your treasures'll be sure to give them a good home won't you? & make them into something sparkly & wonderful?? Pretty please with sugar on top!