Friday, February 13, 2009

Spreading the Good Girls Gospel

Once upon a time there was a girl named Johanna. She was quite the fashion plate when it came to her clothes but she was sooo boring when it came to her jewelry. Silver ball stud earrings, silver bangles & silver rings were all she was ever seen in for years (& years). Then one day her inner accessorizer was awakened at a flea market & she has never been the same since! To this day she is always wearing fancy baubles & vintage goodies (even if she is just headed to the the grocery store) & her friends accuse of her rock star status since she is always paparazzi ready :)

This is the bangle that started the silver craze back in the day.
It is now caught up with the times !! I may just have to resurrect all of them! Not sure if I can part with them though!

This lariat makes me smile :)
Just the right juxtaposition of sparkle & salvage!
My dear friend Janie gave me this vintage junk (her word) shoe buckle. It is soo fabulous in it's shabby chipped painted state & sparkly goodness! Vintage early 1900's button embellishing the vintage skeleton key ::swoon::

What are you birds up to this weekend? I've got my gal pal date tonight & possibly treating myself to a spa day...I'm quite sure I deserve it : ) Have a Happy Valentines Day!


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Chrisy said...

...just stumbled into ur blog...and am lovin the jewels!

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