Friday, January 23, 2009

Apartment Therapy

***Caution ***
Birds on the loose!

I was thinking about breaking up with my apartment... having commitment issues (as well as claustrophobic issues!). 4 yrs I've been with this apartment, practically an eternity seeing as how before that the longest I stayed in one place (let alone one state!) was roughly 8 months to a year! It was time to figure out how to be content here w/o breaking the bank (which was already broke)!

No before pictures <sorry> but with a little help from my friend & some cheapo frames from Goodwill this place looks bright & sunny & according to Tyler "like a band new home"...marching band I hope : )

~Would you care for a tour? ~

My little mantel, tried to keep it low key as (you'll see) there's a lot going on in here!
(Kate, recognize a certain birdhouse on the shelf??)

Love this grouping of vintage/thrifted brass framed artwork!

Artist from top left going clockwise (links to the work if available):
yumiyumi, a self portrait by my Aunt Presley Marini,
Another yumyumi print & My big headed Tangled Girl by my dearest KJ The Dreamy Giraffe

The Black Apple (the link is to a similiar print), a lovely family of frogs original by the boy, watercolor by my Aunt Presley, Magic Jelly (print I won in this contest) & a photo of a shop window taken by my mom in Italy.

This bird mirror was a Christmas gift from my parents & it totally rocks!

Vintage wire basket art assemblage by moi.
~that's frosted glass bird in the hand :) ~

AFancifulTwist Bird Girl, unnamed oil on canvas by my dearest talented Jill Armstrong & last but not least Too Shy by Menta (for some reason her shop is gone, I think she goes by a different name on Etsy now??)

Lots of great artists on Etsy ( & off!) if you get a chance check out their shops!

This is where I sit whilst writing le blog!
Notice the mug :) heheheee!

***in other news***

A new pair of spring/end of winter earrings!

Hope you birdlings have a splendid weekend! Mine is already starting out lovely,
my mom & went thrifting this moring (pics & post to come later), I made a new friend
& my dear friend/former co-worker Sarah is coming over for dinner!
I may surprise her with cupcakes ... shhhh!


Kate said...

Joooooooo! So cool! I love all of the bird imagery throughout the house and I'm so happy to see the birdhouse on the mantle!!!

I might have to copy your idea and post shots of my house, too!

Good Girls Studio said...

The flock has taken over! Feel free to steal my unoriginal idea :)

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