Friday, September 19, 2008

Shoe Obsessed

Magic Jelly has a new print of a pair of shoes & is running a little giveaway over here. If you leave a story about a pair of shoes you get entered to win a print. I thought I'd share my submission as it brought back such a flood of memories as I wrote it... & also, how stink'n cute if that pair of shoes! I want them in yellow & also in real life :)


18 yrs old flying to NY by myself for the first time. I get off the plane & manage a cab to get to my uncle's Manhattan apartment. With time to kill before I meet up with him I traipse around the city in my wood soled Dr.Scholls ... white leather strap across the front & silver buckle on the side. I was clack clacking along (let me just stop & say that I loved the loud whacking sound these wooden shoes made every time they hit the pavement, music to my youthful ears!) when all of sudden I felt...lopsided. Thought maybe it was just me, perhaps vertigo from looking up at the tall skyscrapers? So I continued along until the painful moment when I realized my shoes had completely splintered & fallen apart! In NY! Blocks (miles in my mind!) from where I was staying! So I did what any good girl would do...pulled out the "only in case of emergency fund" (that I was really saving for a trip to Woodstock) & ran into the closest store. As I walked back to the apartment I mourned the loss of the shoes I was meant to clack around the city of all cities in. Looking down at my feet, now encased in plasticy sandals with silver lining & white rubber soles, I realized that not only was I not clacking, I was squishing! Summer in the city + plasticy rubbery shoes = squishing sounds.

Years later I found those sandals shoved in the back of my closet (I think I wore them once after that trip) & the plastic had hardened & shattered. Fitting I thought.

...yes, I still miss them!


Anonymous said...

What happened exactly with the scholl sandals? I have a 30 year old pair that is still OK. In my idea scholls last for ever!
Do you have a photo of yourself in those scholl sandals?
Look forward to your answer

Kate said...

Oh, Jo, I feel your pain. Shoes always manage to break or malfunction in the worst of places.