Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frozen Feathered Friends

I know I've been kind of scarce around the blog this week, but you see we woke up to a winter wonderland on Tuesday I had no time to work as we were busy in the land of snow forts and ice-capades! We hunkered down at my parents place....

Oh my where did all the birds go???

I see they were all scurrying around
...wherever did they go?

~Feeding Frenzy~

~They must have been hungry!~
Good thing my dad keeps them well fed!

This little guy had enough of the snow flying in his face!


Enough about my fine feathered friends!
Let me just tell you birds that my mom,
well, she kinda rocks!

What a brave soul she was showing Tyler how to sled!
...on baking sheets no less!
That is until her kind neighbor took pity on us & let us borrow her sled!

Check out the snow beard on their dog :) teeheeheee!

& away he goes!

**It looks like perhaps his face has frozen over!**

We had soo much fun playing in our winter wonderland! You northern birds probably think we're nuts but we get so little snow that we can still get excited about it!
<this is only the second time it's snowed & I've been here 4 yrs now>
It's melting now & I can hear clumps of snow & ice falling off the roof which scares the begeezus out of me because it sounds like someone's trying to break in
(umm... by way of pounding through the ceiling ;) drama queen, of course! )!

Well my birdlings this is quite the long post!
What have you been up to?
I've been huddled inside all day taking reshots of jewelry for the shop.
New camera + light box= huge learning curve!
(I love both of these by the way & can already tell a difference in the picture quality!)
I've also started putting the cuffs from this post in the shop.


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