Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY Did Try

Hello my darlings! As you may remember I've  been wasting waaaayyyyy tooo many hours over on Pinterest *GASP* In particular I am stuck on the DIY pins!! I decided it was time to give some of them a try... I realized I had pinned a few different versions of the recycled Tshirt scarf/necklace so that is first up!
My version of trendy t shirt scarf/necklace. Recycled T & vintage lace!

I pulled out The Boys Goodwill pile & found this pretty much unworn turtleneck which  might have paid $5 for 2 yrs ago. Perfect!!!
First cut off the bottom hem...

Next start cutting 1"ish strips of fabric

 I would say this is a relatively easy peasy project...if of course you can cut a straight line ...which I can't.

Poor little misshapen strips :(

Last but not least gather the strips (I gathered them where the seam was) & wrap them with a strip of the fabric or something contrasting (I used vintage lace) & knot the lace & then poked the ends back through so they didn't show.

For you very discerning readers...YES...there are 2 different fabrics pictured. I ended up making one for Mr. Good Girls daughter  & one for myself (which I ended up gifting to the Revamper. 2 Christmas presents that cost me...NADA! Unless you count my precious time in which case they were each around $50 ;)

Taaaa daaaa :)

One thing I will note...the other tutorials I've read have mostly said they used their husbands or a mens shirt...I used my kiddos child sz Med & it was plenty big enough. I guess if you used a bigger shirt you would be able to wrap it around your neck more than once but I am of the variety of people that get extremely claustrophobic when things are wrapped noose like around my neck so I'm sticking with smaller ;)

What have you been crafting up to get ready for the holidays??? I'd love to see & get inspired :) Feel free to follow me on Pinterest! I'm hoping to post a new project at least once a month!

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creativefashionglee said...

Cute DIY project. I love scarves but never had created one by myself. perhaps I can try in the future. Happy new year. :)