Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cookie Monster

The Boy & I made Christmas cookies ...

Yummy icing & sprinkles!!!

They "may" be gone already ;)

We used this recipe by Alton Brown which was simple enough. I am a terrible baker & not such a great direction follower ... my cookies always come out dry but we've found that if you add a piece of bread to the cookie jar it moistens the cookies right up!


This one was supposed to look like me... I cut up licorice for the hair!
My sis says it looks like Milli Vinilli...bwhahahaha :)

Bunny Ears on the Gingerbread boy
The Boy's hair is getting sooo long...he's such a! I love it!

Sorry we didn't save you any :( 
How about some yummy sprinkles???

Edible glitter, sprinkles & hearts oh my....

What are your favorite Christmas treats???

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