Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Fall

Are you birds doing anything special
to celebrate the arrival of fall??

I decided to make my first ever cake from scratch !!

~From this cookbook~

~Thanks to this recipe~

I have thee fondest childhood memories of this Betty Crocker cookbook circa 1970. I can close my eyes & vividly recall the pictures of cakes & cheesy kitchen decor :) My mom graciously gifted me her copy a year or so ago <3

Are you whipping up any fall plans???


Saving Capulet said...

the cake looks sooo yummy!!!

alexkeller said...

yours looks so even!
mine always slopes to the side &
i try to make up for it with frosting

Amber Blue Bird said...

that does indeed look yummy, when fall comes around I like to go pick apples and then make an apple pie..delicious

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I have that exact cookbook--also passed down from my mom! The cake is beautiful. We've already had our traditional start-of-autumn meal of sloppy joes. :)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Oooh yum! I have a similar copy of that book. I remember it being the kitchen bible when I was growing up.

With the turn of the weather, I've been in full-on soup mode. My new favorite that I made this week was a butternut squash soup with sweet potatoes and other roasted veggies and just a smidge of grated ginger. Oh yeah. So good.