Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Girls Don't Sleep

This weekend was jam packed with ...

*new necklaces

{The Good Life available here}

*a fashion show

{my very fashionable date for the fashion show :)}

*sushi with friends


*visiting my gals

*did I mention new jewelry ;)

{she's right here}


*dinner with my parents

*and errands galore

(why is it that I have to go to 3 stores to get everything I need on my shopping list only to get home & realize I forgot something random & important like TP!?! Am I the only one who does this??)

What were you birds up to this weekend??

PS: Hoping to put the new goodies in the shop by Tues.


OneCraftyFox said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Such delicious eyecandy, that jewelry is amazing.

I love your "Original Good Girl" profile pic. You look a lot like I looked as a kid... I had a red striped dress that I luved and I would always put on my moms oversized floppy hat and find some pretty shoes. I was a huge tomboy, but I had a few girlie pieces in my closet that I secretly paraded around in at home. Either those or my moms slip and red high heeled shoes. lol!

kirstyb said...

love the 3rd pic x

alexkeller said...

i love the new pretties!
and if it doesn't make it on the shopping list, i won't remember. and then sometimes i still forget something. so it's not just you!

Createology said...

All very fabulous and great fun is had by all so it sounds. Happy creating...

Lori said...

gorgeous! The backstabbers are SOOOO original. Sounds like a great weekend.

Oh, My Darling said...

What lovely new jewelry!

Saving Capulet said...

oh wow! what a very adorable date you have in there! may i steal him please? >w< and wonderful pieces you have here :>

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