Friday, September 24, 2010

Girl Crush No4 : ssd jewelry

I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Lowery
the amazing talent behind ssd jewelry
at last Sundays bazaarSPARK market!

I was walking by the booth she shared with her gal pal jewelry designer Tiffany Coley (we'll get to her in a sec.!) & was stopped dead in my tracks by not just her gorgeous etched metal jewelry but her display!
A fellow good girl with vintagey props,
I decided I had to meet her!!

I love how she repurposes the vintage coffee tins!!!

They are my fave... mmmm...right after this one!

She was super sweet & Tiffany Coley was the perfect mate to balance out the tent! Tiffany is a genius at enameling & her rings seemed to have a rainbow bursting from them!

I love love loved her fortune cookie necklaces with the fortunes hammered into little scrolls!

Love is for the lucky and the brave is my favorite's is the story of my life {le sigh}

You can check out more of Tiffany's collection @

& ssd jewelry @
& hit up her Facebook fanpage too while you're at it :)

Won't you pay them a visit?

I took this shot of Jamie (Revamp)
vamping up her tent that same day :)

Who/what are you crushing on lately???

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jonahliza said...

these are all great finds! have a nice weekend <3