Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saint Hanna ???

Have I told you birds how much I love custom orders??

To be able to bring new life to your families heirloom treasures so that you may wear them & enjoy them daily (rather than just giving them that yearly wistful peak as they sit in your jewelry box!)!!

~My customers collection of family vintage & antique
Catholic charms dangling from her grandmothers watch~

The look on her face when she got it back .... priceless!! It makes me heart happy to see that the gift I've been given makes others happy too :)


Favorite customer comment of the week:
(totally paraphrased as I had to use a Spanish- English translator thingy to read it...)

"...I want to move to Raleigh and become your disciple!"

Which begs the question is there a Good Girls Gospel?? ;)
& if so does that make me a Saint?
(You may call Saint Hanna...lol)

I think the gospel would be along the lines of ...
Do unto others as you would have done unto you
(with a dash of never leave the house without your jewelry on!)
(& ...sparkles make everything better!)

(oh & sweetness & light & everything nice!)

Hahahaha...ok...Back to work!

I'm working on a custom bridal hairpiece/brooch that needs to get finished asap!

What are you working on today??


Diana Mieczan said...

That piece is beautiful:)...I cant wait to see the finished product..I am working on a very cool article that I have to give in on Friday:)

Piper (DailyDivaDish) said...

What a gorgeous way to re-use vintage treasures! I'm spending the day catching up on blogs, etc... Have a good one!
XO Piper

Kaylovesvintage said...

I love that one..

Anna said...

This piece is gorgeous! So talented you are :)

Saving Capulet said...

that is one of a kind indeed! it's wonderful!!!

E said...

That piece is AMAZING! What a fantastic way to modernize a personal collection! And I LOVED the ring you sent me, btw :-) I need to photograph it soon for the blog!

Margaret said...

:O how gorgeous!!!!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

kirstyb said...

wow fabulous x

Kristin said...

I'm working on staying awake. The dude was up at 6!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!


cathy. said...

This looks amazing!


alexkeller said...

i'm working on a yard sale, updating my vintage shop, & making jewelry!

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