Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camp Revamp

The Boy & I headed out to the country last week
to visit Jamie aka The Revamper at her new abode.

We had tons of fun & according to the boy who has NEVER been to was "just like camp!" I really need to get him out of the house more often ;)

We tromped through the woods

Fed the ducks
(some of us chased the poor duckies scaring them half to death
but I won't name names
silly boy)!)

Played in the garden
"momma did you know you can grow your own food & then pick it & eat it!?!"
yeah...still need to get him out of the house more often!

Smelled some flowers

& generally lazed about enjoying the outdoors & good company!

(thee Good Girl & thee Queen of Revamp)

The Boy insists we are now getting a dog, ducks & a garden :)
Sorry kiddo, our landlord & concrete patio allow for none of those fantasies!

Get your ducks in a row :)


Being around all that nature was very inspiring!
I came home & immediately made some floral collage necklaces for the shop!

~Summer Romance~
(available here)

~The Muse No2~
(available here)

Has summers bounty been inspiring you??
I'm on creative overload but unfortunately that is not translating over into the kitchen ;)


Joy...always said...

Great to get the boys out to see mother fun...and how wonderful the inspiration for you.

Joy..........all ways!

Rachel said...

ok seriously that is way too cute that your son said that about growing food. lol i love it :)

daisymay said...

Your shop is amazing, you have so many pretty things. I would love to do a post on you one day!

Daisy Dayz Home

Kristin said...

No ducks?? Mean Mommy. Ah ha ha. Looks like a lovely mommy/son day!