Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soaring to New Heights

Sometimes I wish I could fly....

(available here)

But then I get my wings
All I want to do is



Fluff my feathers


Watch over my eggs


My niece is in town for the summer!! She is soaring to new heights & almost towering over me at age 12! I asked her ever so sweetly to stop growing up so fast & she retorted that perhaps I was shrinking & that I should think about acting younger!

Not sure if I should hug her or
put her in time out for that comment! :

The Boy has decided he shouldn't be left out of this
aging game & informed me this morning he was 52!

Moi:52! Really? 52 what my son?
The Boy: Inches {eye roll} duh!
The Boy: That's a whole lot of M E !! {grin}
Moi: yes, yes it is. It's whole lot of something for sure ;)


Reaching new heights in the design world too but I'm not allowed to say yet!
(it's a secret...shhhhhh)
You birds will be the very first to know once it's announced!
I had to fight for it & I am soo glad everything worked out
I'll tell you soon...very soon!

In other news (that I can actually share with you, hahaha), I dropped off new jewelry at Revolver last week so if you're in Raleigh pop on by & check it out.
Here's a peek at what you'll find...

& something new!!!!

I'm working on putting together virtual trunk shows!
If you're interested in hosting & earning free jewelry shoot me an email here or convo me on Etsy!

Hope your summer is off to great start!


PonderandStitch said...

OOoo, I'm excited to hear the news. Also, how cute is your hair in this pic?!! ADORABLE!

Uncanny Festoon said...

I am excited for you. It is always so great when you have a goal that you work so hard at and it is achieved! Good for bad you will have to listen to my nails clicking the table till you tell me what it is!!! Haha Love the new stuff!


Fringe said...

You are just doing all kinds of amazing work and great exposure. I'm thrilled for you. Good luck to you with the trunk shows, dearest! I wish you every success.

Good luck with the two wiffits (the boy and the niece) this summer! My boy is just an inch or so shorter than me...I wish time would slow down. sigh.


alexkeller said...

i love that she told to you act younger - i say, do it! and can't wait to see what you've cooked up - you're always an inspiration :D