Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wonder Woman Saves The Day!

Some days it just takes
a Super Heroine
to get all things done that need to get
crossed off that never ending to-do list!

~Wonder Woman Goes Glam~
...she could leap tall buildings in a single bound
(so long as she had remembered
to put on her glam in the morning!)




Now in the shop for all you super ladies!

Who is your favorite super hero(ine) ??


icandy... said...

aw, yeah baby!!!
you are ROCKIN the ww cuffs!
fave hero... ironically, wonder woman!
oxox ;)

Lori said...

Those are some big time cuffs! Love it. :)

S and O said...

I never really had one but wonder woman does look super fierce and stylish ;)

love those bracelets!


kirstyb said...

wow they are fabulous xxxxx

Kristin said...

OMG..YES...Those are absolutely fabulous!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

those are suh-weeet! What a fun idea!

Walk The Sand said...

I LOVE Wonder Woman. This post made me smile. The cuffs are amazing!

E said...

I've been so obsessed with cuffs lately and I love your rendition! SO cool!

Melissa said...

What a fun bracelet! Definitely powerful.

Claire said...

This is AWESOME! Wonder Woman will drool with envy!

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