Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lost: The Birth of a New Work

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately
& it's playing a big role in my creativity process.

A glimpse at my newest series of work...

~Losing My Religion~

Be loved my birds!
I'm off to a million errands today
& hopefully to get these angels
properly photographed & into the shop.



grrfeisty said...

beautiful! :D

Melissa Blake said...

Gorgeous pieces!

Cydney said...

Gorgeous! I think the middle one is my fave.

Uncanny Festoon said...

Grrrreat stuff. Looks like you found a great place to be in your creativity.

Joy...........all ways

kayemkay said...

wow. i've been away from "blogging world" for a few weeks and within them i really see your work stepping up to an all new level. incredible things Hanna, truly!
i'm so impressed with everything. it's beautiful.
much love,

Kristin said...

So very pretty. And the inspiration behind them make them even more special!

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