Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Where in the world
does time keep flying away to!?! I've been running around like a mad woman buying up supplies & hitting all the good thrift spots in town! Look at the spoils I returned with from this weekend + today...
I was in vintage enamel flower heaven :)

Yes, that's a new/vintage jewelry box as well! I don't even have a space for her yet, she's sitting on my squishy purple lounge chair in the studio looking all forlornly across the room at the others that are so neatly lined up ;)


Speaking of enameled flowers....I've had this idea in my head for some type of floral fabric cuff to go with the necklaces for the upcoming fashion show but was reluctant to get out my sewing machine (it's 90 degrees here all of a sudden & just the thought of lifting that heavy thing out of the closet has me perspiring! Yes, real woman perspire, we don't sweat ...hahahaha)...

While digging through my especially horded stash of vintage crochet I stumbled across this beautiful yellow flower & this design blossomed before my eyes...

A lovely no sew project as she's attached to a vintage brass cut out cuff!

Can't wait to show her to you on the runway
all spruced up with the necklace
& on the gorgeous model :)

Have you gotten your ticket yet?

Rumor has it there are only 2 seats left
& it's standing room only from there on out!

Well my dearest birds, I have a ton of bloggy friends to catch up with! If I haven't been by in awhile don't fret I'm on my way! My internet keeps going out & the boy is on Spring Break which puts quite a damper on anything work related!


Side note: Today I found the stash of jelly beans I hid from The Boy before Easter. I thought something was missing from his basket! My tummy is happily full of ALL the black jelly beans, I'm quite sure I'll regret that tomorrow! Here please take some before I eat the rest!
PS: this photo was taken prior to my picking out
all the licorice ones & stuffing my gut ;)


grrfeisty said...

what pretty finds!

alexkeller said...

hehe - i love it when i put things in a safe place. and then forget.
i've never been a fan of jelly beans, but i did just finish off the last of the thin mints :(

Fringe said...

eek! that jewelry box! what a find...not to mention all of that amazing enamel. talk about a score. congrats on your wonderful finds, sweetie!

i'm the girl that eats all the black jelly beans too...i guess we're two peas in a pod that way!

i hope your Easter was filled with joy...


Bardot in Blue said...

amazing finds! I really miss the thrifts in the US...just found your blog and I love it and your style! Off to explore more now...

xoxo Bardot in Blue

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Love your finds! Have been sitting here blog hopping and thinking about heading down the street to my fave thrift stop...off to shop now! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

Super cute, as usual!

Kristin said...

Wow, would I love to go shopping with you lady!

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