Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Girl Crush No2 trende femme

At the Art of Fashion show last week
I had the pleasure of meeting Elena
& basking in the glory of her textile jewelry line
trende femme!
She is a graphic designer and textile artist, specializing in contemporary felted jewelry & accessories. Elena enjoys experimenting with fibers, searching the local Flea Market for unusual materials to incorporate into her designs, and exploring the many wearable possibilities of wool.
Her approach to making felt celebrates the beauty of organic shapes: she creates her pieces through wet felting and loves the fact that the finished product is never entirely predictable and is therefore absolutely unique!
She is as sweet as can be & had all the shoppers oohing & aahing & touching all her felted goodness. I love her the way she mixes colors & textures. I've been drooling over her felted beaded bangles for some time now!
You can check out her online shops here & here & her online portfolio here (where you can view her gorgeous drawings,batiks, photography & graphic design! Jane of many trades!).

It was such a pleasure meeting her
she's local (Raleigh birds) so look for her around town!

Sorry to be MIA for a bit! I needed a change in scenery & escaped over to the coast for a few days with The Boy & my parents. It was windy & cold the day we headed to the beach but I got these fun shots of The Boy goofing around & chasing waves.

I've also been busy working on some more lux collage necklaces & they are slowly making there way into the shop!

~Paradise Found~
...she would lose herself for hours looking at travel brochures
& daydreaming about honeymooning in the tropics
...if only she had a man her dreams would be complete...

& here's a sneak peak at the latest creation for
Redress Raleigh

(you do have your tickets already don't you? They are selling out quickly!)

I can't believe it's only 2'ish weeks away! I've hired a photographer&
have the music picked out for my girls to strut there stuff to!
You'll love it! It will be such a fun surprise :)
I do hope you can make it!

Are you birds behaving this week?
I'm feeling carefree & careless & I should best be
Back to work my birds...



SewSweetStitches said...

I'm loving your new banner/header, gorgeous!

Kristin said...

Sounds like VERY exciting things are in the works! And cool vendor. Love that bag!

Createology said...

Glad you had a quick get away and enjoyed some time away with family. The photos at the beach are so fun. Happy creating...

Fringe said...

Love all the photos! Your banner is fantastic, all fresh and springy...And your new pieces look stunning.


jack bespoke said...

quite talented


fadetoblack said...