Friday, April 9, 2010

So Sweet & Juicy!

Doing a little photo shoot of the last necklace for the
upcoming fashion show
Side note: {squeal} 1 week away!
& realized it was awfully juicy looking!

mmmmm tangerine!

That sent me drooling for some more fruity hued goodies :)
A quick glance at my Etsy favorites made it clear
... I have citrus on the brain! ....

(by persimmon & pink)

(by Knock. Knocking)

(by Kitsch Café)


What have you birds been up to this week?
I was on a bracelet making kick(you can see a few here that made it into the shop). My internet service is still wonky, stupid Time Warner guys came out today for the 5th time! My service is a fickle as a non-committal man ;) (hehehe) They'll be back Sun. to drop a whole new line, hopefully that will do the trick! The Boy & I have been lazing away his spring break so I best get my butt in gear next week!!

Hope you birds have a lovely weekend!



CrowNology said...

Love the juice...Yumm. Juice.
Like your choices too!
I am eagerly awaiting the photos of the show!

Christina J. said...

Very nice choices!

Fringe said...

oh wow. love the new piece! and all the goodies you picked out too. suddenly, i have a strong craving for some orange juice...:)

i hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweetie pie!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

That necklace totally looks like it's made from candy! Delicious. And very pretty.

alexkeller said...

absolutely juicy! and i love kitsch cafe!

susan said...

Thank you for sharing my print! What a lovely feature of fun orange products!


{susan at}

Kristin said...

What a lovely color palette!

Teresa said...

Oh, the most perfect color for spring! I love that necklace and all the citrus hues.

Createology said...

Luscious juicy finds and yes I smell the sweet tangerines on this necklace. Happy creating...

kirstyb said...

gorgeous x

Carrie said...

very cute necklace, indeed. i love the details on it.

i am now a new follower. follow me too?

E said...

mmm, the colors are just delicious! I love yoru necklace!!

Mimi said...

very cute items on this post! :D

p.s. i am now a follower. follow me too? thanks! :)

Anna said...

Such summery items! Makes me happy :)

Kate said...

Keep up the good work, Jo! Gorgeous as always!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Beautiful... LOVE IT ALL!