Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coming Up For Air!

Hello there my dearest birds! I've missed you so! In my mad scramble getting ready for this weekend I've scarcely come up for air!

I did manage to make you some sparkly things :)

~Shooting Star necklaces~

& also a few more vintage crochet necklaces.
I'm really excited about these with the removable dainty brooches!

They will all be making there debut this weekend at the Green Bazaar Sat. afternoon & I'll be updating the shop Monday(ish) with all the new goodies that have survived the weekend PLUS the jewelry from the fashion show!!

The show is pretty much sold out!! I think there's only a handful of standing room tickets left :) ~WhooHooo~

If you make it out to the show & hear some crazy woman whistling really very too loudly please keep in mind that it's my mom & there really is no quieting her down ;) I should also post here that if you happened to be at the Trader Joe's in Raleigh yesterday afternoon & your ears were assaulted with the very loud high pitch of a small boy child singing "MY MOM IS KINDA GASSY & WHOOOLE LOT OF SASSY" I do apologize! I blame bad parenting ;) I keep trying to tell him the whole world is not his stage but he does take after his mom so there's no quieting him down either :)


If you haven't seen, there's a scrumptious little interview over here about moi from the Diva Queen herself. Pop on over & give her some love would ya!

Behave yourself birds & I'll be back soon with behind the scene tales of fashionista's, glamazons, designers galore & one tuckered out Good Girl!



Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

some gorgeous creations!! I am drooling over these! Hope everything goes well for you - with jewels like this how can you not!?

Sandra Darling xoxo

kirstyb said...

love it all - have a good weekend x

alexkeller said...

have fun!

Kate said...

Well, I already KNOW you're sassy, but I must know...

Are you gassy?

If I ever heard a kid singing that song in a store I'd personally thank him/her for making my day.

Debby said...

So many beautiful goodies, love everything.

Kristin said...

Hope that gas cleared up. AH HA HA. Have a fab weekend lady!

Good Girls Studio said...

You ladies kill me!!! No gas over here (well, maybe a petite burp or two...hahaha)!I think he was singing/quoting a line from the Shrek movie that is coming out...Not really a commentary on my "output" ;)

Anna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVING the vintage crochet necklace!

Happy weekend lady xo

E said...

How pretty! I love that Shooting Star necklace!

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