Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cat Fight ...Who's The Good Girl???

The fashion show Monday night was soo much fun!

The models were gorgeous,

( image courtesy of Hathir Pfau)

the food divine,

( image courtesy of Hathir Pfau)

the designers phenomenal,

(Kenda Kist )

The space amazing,

(The salon has vintage styling tools in the coolest displays!)

the cat fight so catty...


Seriously birds there was quite the little raucous at one point in my booth over a necklace! Two BF's who apparently have the same (fantastic) sense of style ;) both fell for the same Hot Mess necklace of mine! Luckily no fists actually flew (& no cats were harmed) & while one of them conceded the necklace (they ended up getting something entirely different in the end) it did cause a bit of a mad rush to my table! At one point ladies were under my table pulling things out themselves! I had a friend show up to see me & she waited 15min. to get in my booth & finally had to!

( image courtesy of Hathir Pfau)

A big thank you to all you lovely ladies (& gentlemen) who came out to support us! It was amazing to meet so many of my FaceBook fans in person for the first time!

The event raised over $6k for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society!!!


What have you birds been up to this week?
I've been itching to start a sewing project but can't decide which piece of fabric I'm willing to give up. That's what happens when I horde things for too long, I get attached to them & am afraid to use them because then they'll be gone! Does this happen to anyone else? I'm the same way with my vintage jewelry supplies too (& many, many other things) !

Maybe I have a problem letting go??
hmm...something to explore when my brain doesn't hurt too much ;)

(oh, & before I forget for the 3rd time this week)

Check out this little craft studio inspiration blog post by my dearest Melissa. You might spot a certain good girls studio if you look closely ;)

TaTa For Now,


Kristin said...

Sounds like you were majorly successful...YAY!

icandy... said...

I so...wish that I could have been a fly on the wall! ;)
What a great time!

AB HOME Interiors said...

That first necklace is GORGEOUS!!!

Anna said...

Sounds like a great evening! drama and all ;)

The Little Fox said...

Yay! It sounds as if you had quite the time!

Toni said...

The vintage blow dryers are awesome! Love your blog! I will be following!

LINDSAY said...

Those vintage dryers are way cool!

Createology said...

Success is always the best. Congratulations. Happy creating...

grrfeisty said...

whoa! congratulations on raising the 6k! and those blow dryers are really awesome. haha

Walk The Sand said...

Haha funny story! And I LOVE those vintage hairdryer displays.
Lovely blog.

Kate said...

I'd fight for/over you, too, my dearest Johanna.

Hope Chella said...

That model in the first picture is super beautiful and so is her necklace :) xx

alexkeller said...

sorry i missed it - hope you got photos of the cat fight :D that would make for an interesting look book!