Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sneaky Peaks & A Backstabber

A little sneak peak at a necklace for the
reDress Raleigh fashion show...

& a sneaky look @ a necklace that needs a few more photo shoots (& a name) before she makes her way into the shop...


Remember the pocketknife I scored over here !?!?
She has been resurrected!!
(yes SHE, most backstabbing BF's are of the female variety don't you think!?!)

~Backstabber No15~ of friends
until you told everyone my secrets!

(available here)


Headed to a store opening tonight in Chapel Hill (new fab'rik location!) if it ever stops snowing. I {heart} the snow, just not when I'm driving!! I feel like I'm in a video game & the snow is bullets coming at me !

Wishing you birds a lovely & productive Thursday!

~just smile & wave folks~



Kristin said...

Me likey the red!

Saving Capulet said...

oh my!! i love that last piece!!

CrowNology said...

Love the pic of you! And your new creations too!

Fringe said...

Love the new goodies! They're so fabulous. You've got mad skills :)

Have fun at the store opening and drive carefully...

I love your picture too...*waves back, blows a kiss*


Createology said...

These pieces are lovely. The backstabber series are the best. It is the names and storylines you give to them that put the personality into each piece. Well done. Keep creating...