Friday, February 26, 2010

Here Comes The Bride

this new Wedding Necklace
popped into the 'ol shopling today!
~Sense & Sensibility No4~
...sensible sounds good
...but whoever had a grand adventure
that started off sensibly!?!

(available here)

Do you like the new shop banner on that website?
I need some feedback dearies.
Whatcha think???
Should I switch it back?

(This is the old one in case you forgot what it was)
(except not so blurry, not sure what happened to it!)

E D I T : Thanks for all your input on the banner! I went to change it back & can't find the original non-blurry picture! I did change it to something more close up of jewelry..comments?

I wasn't able to go to the store opening last night :( I have been fighting off a cold all week & yesterday it finally kicked my butt!! Luckily my mom swooped in & not only made me a pot of lemon ginger tea but then proceeded to make me thai curry shrimp for dinner & bestowed presents upon me! My mom is the best! Pictures of the vintage treasures she scored for me are coming tomorrow!

Do you birds have big plans for the weekend?
We plan on....
*pizza *board games with friends *fixing toilets (my life is a thrill a minute I tell you!) *treasure hunting *homemade custard (pretty please mom, you said you would & I know you are reading this!{smile}) *helping teach Prek@church *walks around the lake *car hunting {sigh} *blogging :)



SewSweetStitches said...

Are we talking about the banner with the girl in the bright top? If so, then I prefer the old one. The new one is very professional, clean, and fresh. But the old one fits what I perceive as your style more. Sorry. Banners/sight design are boogers. I'm always wanting to change mine, and it's nowhere near as professional as any of yours!

Createology said...

Here is my feedback on the banner issue - the old one really shows what you offer. The new one is bright and professional but does not show off your fabulous individual jewelry. I vote the old banner. Your new wedding necklace really rocks. Keep creating...

kirstyb said...

love it x

Tia said...

I also prefer the old banner. It was the creative banner that led to my "discovery" of you. I remember the very first time I clicked it, hoping that you had more pieces like the one featured in the banner. You don't see pieces like that everyday!! The new banner just doesn't do your work justice like the old one.

E said...

I love that angular design! Very Deco!

Kristin said...

LOVE the necklace. Fabulous statement piece. I'm with the other ladies. I think the old banner was more you!