Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Wonderment

He wouldn't be my son if he
didn't spend his Saturday afternoon
making me a little something for my studio wall!

A lovely collage of 1980's earrings!
**Rock on**

I must say he does balance out his artsy/crafty side
with a mean game of basketball :)
(& also I made him make me that collage hahaha)

~one boy, one certificate, one trophy~


What were you birds up to this weekend?
It was absolutely G O R G E O U S
out on Sunday so we headed to the flea market
with my mom...Score!!!

Isn't this book adorable!?!
How could I resist birds & chubby baby cheeks!!

This page cracks me's all serene but there's this mob of birds behind them like they're going to attack :)


Several of the manly vendors were totally hitting on my mom!!
Just ask The Boy, he'll tell you all about it!

Moi:"Hey Tyler was that guy trying to pick up grandma?"
The Boy: "uh huh, I'm telling Baba!" (that would be my dad)

The Boy:"'kinda like when you flirt with..."
Moi: "ummm that's enough Tyler!"

Well, all their flirting did have one benefit...
I was getting awesome deals because apparently they thought it would help there cause! hahaha, she had no clue they were even flirting with her :)

~The Loot~

One of the vendors gave me that gold clutch for FREE!
It did not help his cause with my mom either ;)

**I can't even tell you the deal I got on these **
I see Backstabbers in your future!

Thank you soo much for all your prayers & well wishes!
I'm feeling much better & wearing the wrist braces at night helps a bit. Since it's nerve damage it will be slow going for full recovery but at least it's not pain! When my fingers go all numb & tingly I'll just ask one of you to peel my grapes & feed me ;)



Fringe said...

Oh my GARSH, could your boy be any cuter? What a boy!

And you really did score at the flea market. Those pocket knifes are awesome. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and I do think you sound better. Here's wishing you a steady recovery...


P.S. Your coffee and cake are here waiting for you :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh that boy is quite clever, love his collage! How cute is he? Congrats on the certificate and trophy.

Weren't the 80's something else? I remember I had this belt that could have doubled for the welter weight champion belt or a turkey platter!

What fabulous finds and glad you're mom was there to help you get some good deals...sounds like your mom has it going on!

Glad to hear you're feeling better...yippee!!

CrowNology said...

Seems I missed a lot in my crazy head up my a** days of the last few weeks!
Your poor hands! Your poor toe! Your poor car. I am so happy YOU are okay though...A return {HUG} plus an extra hard one {HUG}...
I love the earring creation! It is awesome!
I hope everything works out okay...Wishes for you going up. :)

icandy... said...

That bird "mob scene" does kinda remind me of the Hitchcock film...The Birds! Those illustrations are just precious~ awesome vintage storybook. I am LOVIN' the collage... acorns don't fall far from the tree! :)
I'm blog surfing, as well tonite and just had to stop by your sweet place and let you know that I was thinking of you! You really pulled a fast one on FB...*heehee* xo
We had a heck of a blizzard yesterday, we ended up with 10" of snow, plus up to three feet of drifts in some spots! YIKES!
Heading to a summer reading workshop early in the am, so I have to get a good nights sleep! :)
Have a great evening!

My Owl Barn said...

Your son is creative. That collage is adorable!

Your loot at the flea market is amazing!

Saving Capulet said...

awesome find you got there! and isnt he just the cutest little boy ever! love that collage he made, such a sweetie!

Anna said...

WOW great finds!

And your boy is talented like his mom - great collage :)

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

So sweet that you and your son do crafts together. I love art time with my boy too. It's the best quality time! :)

alexkeller said...

what a cutie pie! and i love that little clutch!

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