Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Crasher

Hello my friends!
I hope this finds safe & well on this blustery evening!

We've had quite the excitement over her in Good Girls land....
Remember this post wherein the Good Girl was gifted a car!?! Well, said car was crashed Thursday night in a Dukes Of Hazard turn of events as I was driving to a ReDress get-together. Totally not my fault & luckily The Boy was not in the car with me!! Both drivers are fine if not a bit worse for the wear. My hand hurts & will be probably be checked out soon'ish & I seem to have broken a toe {of course I was wearing 3" heels, brown suede peep toes with a flower on top 'cuz I know you were wondering ;) } !! I am soo sore...I feel like ...I've been hit by a car, go figure ;) {any men reading here can go ahead & insert the stupid women drivers jokes now ;) }

But for the most part, the only thing broken is the car.
So... I am out of a car.
~A G A I N~
{le sigh}

This is not meant to be a pity party post but rather my way of letting you know that if I'm not around for a bit you know that I'm trying to take care of all the craziness of insurance claims & going to Dr's & blah blah blah that drains one's ability to create!!

& before I forget to mention it...

Happy Valentine's Day My Dearest Birds!

In lieu of my adventures in driving this week I'm going to have a sale in the shop! Just mention Crash test in the note to seller & I'll refund you 30% off once your payment is received!

I leave you lovelies with this bit of my heart
because you know what they say...
(photo credit here)

An apple a day keeps the Dr. away :)


PS: please know that I make light of the situation because that what's I do, I laugh so I don't cry & cry when I get mad & pray & pray & pray & thank God that I am still here to be able to laugh at this roller coaster that is a day in the life of a Good Girl!


Createology said...

So very thankful you are not hurt worse. Cars are replaceable but you are not. Keep creating...

Kate said...

My Jo! I hope you're okay!!! Get well soon. I can't bear the thought of you being hurt!!!

alexkeller said...

glad you are okay and what createology said!

kirstyb said...

happy v day x

Anna said...

Oh no! Happy you are ok!


Fringe said...

oh no! how harrowing for you. i'm so sorry!

i'm also so relieved to know there were no serious injuries. i'm certain you must be sore though. poor girl :(

hang in there, baby. i'm certain you will see blue skies just around the corner...


icandy... said...

Oh, Jo~
I'm so sorry to hear about the accident...but I'm so happy to hear that you are safe.
Get to feeling better real soon...
Love and hugs,
Christina :)

the real mia said...

Oh my! I am so glad the crash was not worse. How absolutely terrifying.

Glad you survived and hope you had a loverly V Day.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Holy Moly! I'm glad you are alright! Hope you are feeling better Sweet Friend.


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