Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prince Charming

First off my lovelies I want to thank you
for your well wishes
& care & concern over le accident!
('tis much appreciated)

I am (fortunately) healing quite quickly!
No word yet on whether or not the car is going to be healed though!

But let's focus on the positive,
charmed aspects of life shall we :)

I started this collection before le accident
& just now got around to photographing them.
So without further ado...


...who needs a Prince when your life is already charmed ;)

These ladies are long & lean with the pendants dangling around your midsection. {Digression:that(midsection) is a dumb word! It hits at about your last rib but writing the word "rib" reminds me of BBQ & I haven't had lunch yet so it makes me rather hungry!}Vintage bits & baubles dangle along with chain to make lovely little whimsical charm holders!

Next up....

Diva Dream Catchers...
...sleep well fair Princess!

These gals are a smidge shorter & I {heart} them sooo!
I used up the last of my most favorite pearly braided chain & the last bit of a lovely antiqued piece of crochet flower which serves as the dream catcher! More golden bits & bobs swing below...Swoon :)

Not sure if any of these necklaces will make it into the shop as I have some wholesale appointments in the works. If you have your eye on one shoot me an email & I can set it aside for you! There will be more in the works just as soon as I can find some more long vintage chains.

Hope you birds are having a lovely week so far! The sun is shining here & I soo wish my silly toe wasn't broken so I could go for a walk around the lake! Perhaps I'll take a little break & head over to sit on the porch swing with my mom :)



Saving Capulet said...

such beautiful jewelries!!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Glad to hear that you are healing quickly and it does't seem that le accident hurt your creativity!

I just adore your latest creations my friend, they are simply stunning!!

Love and hugs,

S and O said...

sorry to hear about your accident...keep getting better :)

your jewelry is gorgeous!

Olivia ^_^

Createology said...

Cars are replaceable. So glad you are feeling better. Your creativity and talent didn't get injured at all thank goodness. Keep creating...

Anna said...

These pieces are great! Happy to hear you are doing well!!

E said...

i'm such a fan of black and gold jewelry lately, I really love these pieces...

Rianna Bethany said...

really gorgeous pieces, they look fabulous
Rianna Bethany x

Kate said...

mmmmmmmm, ribs.

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