Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Winningest Winner

Well my dear birdlings Wedn. is almost up
& I totally blanked out on picking a winner from Mondays post!
I did what any rushed stressed out business owner would do...I delegated!
To whom you ask??
{yes, I see you scratching your head in confusion..stop it! your mussing up your hair!}
...I delegated to The Boy :)

It went a little something like this:
Moi: T pick a winner
The Boy: That's not my job! {eye roll}
Moi: {blink blink}
The Boy: HELLOOOOO!!! Not UNLESS You pay me!
Moi: {blink blink}
The Boy: I only take cash {sly grin}
Moi: How about DO IT or I'll tell Santa to put coal in your stocking {slier grin}
The Boy: {eye roll} There is NO Santa...just you!
Moi: Please, I'll give you a candy bar {whining}
The Boy : Fine...Her with the kissy face {making a kissy face}

So there you have it my friends!
A very scientific deduction of the winner is the Kissy face avatar that would be my dearest Karyn over at French Charming! Whoohoo! See, money can buy you love...or at least candy will buy you a much more helpful child ! I believe that's an ancient proverb :)
{Karyn, shoot me an email asap}
What else....

~I did a little interview over at oligoville, tres chic!

~I updated the shop...a lot! More coming!

~The Boy has pneumonia! The Dr. says it's no biggy & he's not contagious & he's not even missing any school but he sounds terrible! Mostly it sucks because it's annoying me because he coughs all night & I can't sleep & the Doc. wouldn't give me any ambien {jerk}

(I'm totally kidding, don't get your feathers all fluffed up ;) Well, not totally kidding..he does have pneumonia & I can't really sleep but you know...Where was I ?????????)

~ oh yes...I made this...

~ & then I sold it before I even got a chance to put it in the shop. Her new owner is coming to pick her up tomorrow.

~Did you all see the pilot for the new show Men of a Certain Age? My mom & I watched it & thought it was brilliantly funny! Great actors & such dead on real life scripting! {loves}

~I'm pooped & going to bed!

'Nite 'nite,


Candace said...

Not only do i love your shop and your blog but I love your personality! It comes through in your posts and your work. Keep it up!

Good Girls Studio said...

{blushes}thanks! Can you hang around me all day saying nice things & boosting up my ego !?! :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I just peed my pants I'm so excited! Woo Hoo! Give the boy a big fat kiss for me!

Whew...I'm going to catch my breath and check out your interview and your new additions.

I hope the boy is feeling better and you get some sleep...try a big swig of Nyquil, knocks me out when "The Italian" is sawing logs!

Thanks sweet friend...I'm thrilled!

Kelly said...

dang are one talented jewelry maker!!! major props to you!

and i love how you picked your giveaway winner! awesome :)

Kristin said...

Lucky new owner. That is gorgeous!