Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day Off

Friday I took my first real day off in a long time!
Fortunately for me, my days off very much resemble a day of work :)
First up...Thrift shopping with the Revamper!
(Jamie & I)

We went to Everything But Grannies Panties in Durham
(yes, that's its real name!) !
It's an old house that is filled with auction & estate sale finds.

(the parking spaces are defined by old bed frames & lined with vintage plates!)

Everything from Christmas ornaments to

to 1950's dresses to

to furniture to...you guessed it....JEWELRY!

I hit the mother load!
The lady next to me kept complaining to the sales girl that I was getting all the good stuff first & it wasn't fair! I had to gently remind her that I was looking first & that I'm a junky & PS, life's not fair :)

After quickly absconding with my goodies we went over to Foster's Market for lunch. YUMMO! If you're in the area you should definitely check it out! We then went over to a fabulous bakery whose name escapes me (yeah, I found the link to the bakery!) & I ate my body weight in flaky pastry (which would also be a fantastic name for a band! Put your hands together for the Flaky Pastries ladies & gentlemen!! )! There was lots of plotting & planning going on all day so I guess technically it was one long fun workday!
I love my life!

What do you birds do for fun on your days off?
Shopping & eating are certainly high on my list of entertainment :)

Well my dear, I'd best be off to make some jewelry with my new goodies. Good Girls Studio jewelry can now be found at Get Dressed in Dwntwn Raleigh & they pretty much wiped me out! The shop is almost empty & there is work to be done!

ta ta for now,

Psst: Don't forget I still have free shipping in the Etsy shop through the holidays! & hit up my fan page on Facebook to get the latest holiday sales!


Dragonfly said...

I love the name of that shop! That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while! Thanks.
My days off, I go out for nice coffee and cake, maybe a girly movie and an afternoon nap!!
Cheers :-)

SewSweetStitches said...

Wow that place looks uh-mazing! I love the plates and bedframes as parking markers, too cute.
And..uh.. what days off? hehe

Yellow Elm said...

my husband and i will be visiting one of our good friends in raleigh in february...I am definitely putting grannies panties on the list of places to go haha. I do hope we can swing over that direction while we are so close! on my days off...yellow elm...because I still have my day job :(

Emily-Claire said...

I am so glad you went to Everything but Grannies Panties and I am even happier that you found great jewelry there!!! I absolutely love that place. Every single time my mum and I visit, we walk out with some amazing treasure we never knew we needed. :) You should definitely go back after they take down all of their Christmas items and refill the house.

Also, Foster's is AMAZING! I was just there the other day and I never have a bad meal there. I love the hodge podge mix of decor and the place has such a nice atmosphere.

I was just going to tell you about Guglhupf, but then I clicked on your link to the bakery and... tadaa! I am getting my wedding cake there. You should check out Rare Earth Beads, which is adjacent to Guglhupf in the front.

We should go thrifting sometime! :) I hope you enjoyed the Boylan Heights ArtWalk. Take care!

Jamie said...

that was a very fun day off, we need more of those and more shops to explore... i feel a road trip coming on!!!