Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The End of An Era

I broke the news to Tyler last night...
as he lay in bed questioning why Santa didn't bring him the koala Webkin that he wanted
I quietly whispered "because I couldn't find it anywhere." He sat straight up...

Tyler:What are you saying? {confused & concerned}
Moi: There's no santa clause breaking into our house every Christmas{sigh}
Tyler:So there's no Santa!?! {confused & concerned}
Moi: correct {le sigh}
Tyler: But I still got presents ...from you? {what the heck?}
Moi: yes {cringes waiting for the tears}
Tyler: & even though there's no Santa I'll still get presents??? {??}
Moi: yes {??}
Tyler: Then who cares about Santa! {shrugs}
Tyler: Hey, Why didn't YOU get me a koala Webkin? {pissed}
the conversation ended with :
Tyler: Is there anyone else that I know that isn't real? {rolls his eyes}
Moi: tooth fairy. {grins}
Tyler: WHAT! ...Man you are sneaky! You could be a spy! {incredulous}
Moi: Easter bunny {who are we kidding here folks really:) }
Tyler: Dude, of course there's no bunny breaking in & hopping around with candy {sheesh}
Tyler: you sure tricky!

I'm quite sure the child will never believe anything I say again! But at least he's not broken hearted...just the end of an era I suppose :(


Kate said...

Awww, that's so cute and sad at the same time. Poor guy. Sounds like he took it well, though. You could tell him that there actually WAS a Saint Nicholas...maybe that will soften the blow a bit.

Yvette said...

You can tell him that I'm not really Aunt Yvette but instead a secret spy that comes to report all of his behavior directly back to God. We'll see if he decides not to eat the sausage flavored grapes again when I'm there.

just kidding. :o)
He's still my baby T.

love you!

KJ said...

You could be a spy!

Has anyone ever been given a better compliment?

(Btw, Kaylee doesn't call spies spiess...she calls them "spyers".)