Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hello my lovely birds! I've been super busy running orders to & fro & when I stopped to breath I realized the 'ol shopling was just about empty! 30'ish pieces of jewelry! Yowza! I don't have any supplies to make much more { though I am scrounging around & trying} & it's all icy sleet outside & there are cookies to be baked! So... I've decided to take the day off (does blogging count as working?)!

Heading over to my parents in a bit to bake some the millions of Christmas cookies & read a book by their cozy fire {are you reading this dad? There had better be a fire when I get there!} :)

Thursday night the boy had a Christmas recital! He was all pestered being in a tie but he looked so cute & his little grin on his face when he spotted me in the crowd was the better than all the Christmas carols in the world! I did manage to snag a few pics of him on stage...

This one even has his "girlfriend" in it!
& the highlight of the evening...Me walking out the restroom to wash my hands. The lady next to me goes "I know we need to liven this place up a bit but you might want to put your skirt down!" Sure enough, my skirt was tucked into my panties (no thong that night, thanks for asking!) I hope that I would have noticed the breeze but there's really no telling! :) Hilarious, always the life of the party, that's me!

In other exciting news...It Snowed Friday!
The boy ran outside with his friend & were playing & when I happened to glance out the window this is what I saw...
I watched as he walked around like that for 5 minutes trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue :) Then I joined him of course! It only snowed for an hour & it didn't stick but we were lucky, the ice storm that came along afterward only knocked out are power for an hour! We played scrabble by candlelight & headed to bed.

It's been so cold I've had this song in my head all week...
(minus the lovely voice & correct words!)

Well my birds, I hope to have new jewelry up soon for your shopping pleasure! This is the last shipping day before Christmas so if you've any last minute gifts get them now!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


sonya said...

haha, i can relate. when i was in college i once walked all the way across campus before i noticed that my skirt was caught in my backpack. ack!

SewSweetStitches said...

Aw! The two of you make a sweet little family! And the skirt-tucked-in thing, been there! I almost thing I wish I WAS wearing a thong instead of the seriously old lady panties I normally sport hehe

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh that boy warms my heart! He is so dang cute!!

I'm so happy that you are selling a lot of your amazing creations! Yippee! It couldn't happen to a nicer more creative gal. Have fun baking cookies with the me one...kay?

Oh sweetie...I hate when my skirt gets caught in my panties...especially thong paties! I'm sure it was a thrill for all!

Love and big hugs,

Good Girls Studio said...

OMG Sonya! Did someone tell you or did you finally notice the breeze?

Karyn, thanks for the visual sweets :) hahaha!

Good Girls Studio said...

Oh & miss Sweet Stitches...hanes tidy whites :) Granny panties..bring it! hahahah!

Kristin said...

Woo hoo for bakefests. I'm having my own tomorrow. Hope you made lots of yummy goodies!

polka dot said...

Hey, those 'girlfriends' at that age are huge! Never forget mine: Steven Robbins. A million years later, in NYC, I interviewed for a job with.. his wife! I was perfect for the job til she realised who I was. I lost out on the job because she was jealous I was his girlfriend WHEN WE WERE SEVEN!!

Thanks for finding & commenting on my blog. I love that description: a low maintenance girly girl! ; )

Merry xmas - I'll be back.

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