Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Monster

You know you're going to have a good week when you start your Monday off by eating the last 2 remaining iced Christmas cookies while you're waiting for your coffee to finish perking!!
(please note that there was a holiday party the night after making the cookies & that is when the other 1,000 vanished :) I think I only actually ate 3 total which includes the 2 bfast munchies!)

~Saturdays' Setup @ moms~
She has this amazing refurbished antique bakers table
(I am sooo getting this in the will...hahaha)

...some ingredients...

I {heart} butterscotch chips~

You should make these, they vanish at our house! They are like rice krispy treats but with peanut butter instead of marshmallows & have chocolate butterscotch topping! Yummo!

Lots of sugar cookies were made...there are 2 more batches of dough in the freezer ready to be pulled out & whipped up when these disappear (which, as you all know , has already happened!)!

~That would be The Boy decorating his heart out~

My & mom & I also love some Java stick cookies!

hmm...there seems to be one missing
...wherever could it have gone??

Did you birds have a lovely weekend?
Did you get lots of baking done or finish up your holiday shopping?
You worked very, you deserve a cookie!
How about a snowman!? :)

On Sunday my parents had a Christmas gathering with friends & food from there fellowship group that meets at there place. We all went Christmas caroling around the neighborhood afterward...what an incredibly awesome experience! The Boy went with & sang his little heart out, there were lots of tears from the older folks {not sure if that was from my terrible singing or if they were just touched by the spirit of the season ;) } & prayers & blessings given. So great to share what the season is really about with my little guy! I think it needs to be a new tradition we do every year!


I managed to finish up a few pieces & get them in the shop for your last minute gift giving
(or receiving if you pick yourself up a little smattering of something too!)!

{available here}

~Sense & Sensibility~
...sensible sounds good
...but whoever had a grand adventure that started off sensibly!?!
{available here}

I'm still offering Free Worldwide Shipping but it won't make it in time for Christmas :(
Overnight shipping is just $15 & gift wrapping is free!

Well my birdlings, I am off to wrap some gifts & hopefully get some more supplies when I venture out this afternoon.

Have a lovely week!


SewSweetStitches said...

Butterscotch chips never actually make it into a baked good at my house! Love em!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Thanks for the cookie sweet friend...its yummalicious!

Love your new creations and the names are fabulous too! Merry Christmas my sweet friend, I hope you, "the boy" and your family have a beautiful and blessed day!

Love and hugs,

Kristin said...

Totally stealing the peanut butter crunchies recipe! YUM! And that bow bedecked cuff is just beautiful!

dorla said...

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