Monday, November 23, 2009

Tidings of Comfort & Joy

I've officially jumped on the Holiday bandwagon !

After designing a jewelry box worth of new baubles,
I've spent the last week decompressing
& working on holiday goodies!
~No finished pics yet as some of them will become gifts~
(& also because I haven't actually finished any of them!)

I've already whipped up the first batch of Christmas'ish cookies
{Cranberry Thumbprints}

I even got to enjoy them with the Revamper
& a spot of Peppermint tea :)

She popped by at the most perfect time!
The recipe is from Dec. Martha Stewart mag
(which I somehow ended up with 2 copies of
...I must be hording all things craft related!
{Recipe here}
Ok, so I can't find the recipe becuase the Dec. issue isn't up on the website.
Arg! If you are desperate for it & can't get your hands on the Dec. issue let me know & I'll send you the info!

The cranberry jam is soo yummy I was eating it by the spoonful. I might make some more & keep it for toast. I saved a tad of it & put it in my pancakes for dinner!
(yes, we had Brinner tonight: breakfast for dinner! Tyler's fave!)

In other current events: If you ever stumble in here & I'm going on about signing up for the Durham Art Walk again....Please stop me !! Not to be a complainy pants but it was bad! SO bad that I canceled for Sun. :( Not sure what the deal was...great location & Heather was awesome. Just no shoppers this go round. Luckily the trunk show at Blo rocked it out & was one of my most successful trunk shows to date! Go figure!?!
(set up at Heather's for the Art Walk)

hmmm....what else??
I'm updating the shop this week & have snuck in a few pieces already.
The Muse is finally up for grabs!

Along with...
~Love Struck~

& for all you Capricorn babies...
~Birthday Girl~
...every year she was the same story..."Here's your birthday/Christmas present!" they'd say with a smile on their face. Well not this year! She was changing her birthday & having her party well before the holidays so she got her fair share of gifts!

heheheee...I'm really not bitter ;)

Also, are you on Facebook? Are you a Good Girls Fan over there? If not, you should be! I'm having special sales all Holiday long that will be exclusively posted for my Facebook Girls! Check it out...there's one going on right now!
What are you waiting for!?!
A bribe?
How about a cookie :)


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

You are a lady of many talents! Those cookies look divine!!

"complainy pants" I love it and I'm stealing it unless you have it copyrighted of course!

Sorry the art walk was a bust, but happy to hear you did well at Blo. Whoever lays there eyes on your work and doesn't buy is not very smart in my book.

I can't wait to get done with our remodel here so I can have a few bucks in my pocket...I will be heading straight over to your place for one of your goregeous creations!

So...not exactly sure, but it sounds like you have/had a birthday, if so happy birthday sweet friend! I know all about the combo gift being a December baby...sigh!

BTW...all of your creations are fantastic but I'm swooning over that cuff...fabulous with a capital F!

Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!

Love and hugs,

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks Karyn :) Help yourself to complainey pants as I'm sure I stole it from Sponge Bob or some other brainsucking show I watched with the boy :) hahaha!

Birthday is coming up Dec.29. When's yours?

Patrizia said...

I want to eat that cookie please. That set up looks awesome!

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