Thursday, November 12, 2009

As of Late...

I have slowly been getting the creative groove in my studio.
Would you like to see a bit of what I have revamped this week?

~Roses are Red~

~Autumns Embrace~

~On the Rocks~

~Love Birds~
(not to play favorites but shhhhh, she's my favorite!)

These pics are terrible & don't do these baubles justice
... it's been raining non stop & my light bulb for the lightbox is broke.

I have snuck in a bit of a shop update this week if you noticed ;)
Click the titles & you'll zip over to the shop!

These last 2 will be available soon'ish
(I'm wary of letting them go just yet as
we are just getting to know each other

~Garden of Eden~

~ Muse~

Have you birds been having a productive week? I've been in overdrive trying to gear up for the next few weeks markets & wholesale orders. My friend Jacyln & I having a little pre-holiday trunk show @ her place Sat. & then next weekend I'm sneak'n in on the Durham Art Walk (I'm not offically part of it but I'll be Heather Garrett Studio hehehe) with a little double duty that Saturday since I overbooked myself & have a trunk show @ Blo that night! {eek!} Hoping to head over to the coast for Thanksgiving (can you believe it's only 2weeks away!?!) & then I have the Boylan Heights Art Walk.

I must be nuts.

Maybe I should put up the Christmas tree now!?!
When do you birds put up your trees?
Do you wait until Dec.
or put it up for Thanksgiving
so you can bask in its beauty for both Holidays?

Do tell?????



Kate said...

Jo, such pretty things. You amaze me.

As for the tree, it generally goes up in December at our place (if we even have one at all), but I've driven past store windows and homes with theirs up already. Do what'cha like!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Swoon! have been busy! I adore them all but the Love Birds is my favorite...yummy!!

Okay, is it Hanna, Johanna, Jo...I'm so confused????

I put my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and if I'm lucky it's down before Valentines Day! ha!!

Good luck with all of your upcoming events!!

Createology said...

You definitely have the creative groove goin on and in a most fabulous way. Your newest creations are wonderful. I am thinking Muse will be my fav. You are amazing! Good luck with all of your shows you busy birdie!!!

Kristin said...

Wow, so many amazing pieces! I have definitely not been as productive as you.

Candace said...

Beautiful pieces especially the autumn leaves & love birds. Its so funny i was thinking of putting up my Christmas tree now lol but the hubs would think i was crazy. Plus i dont want to wake up in the morning & find my three year old tangled in I'll wait til' next month. I love the holidays. Great post!

Candace said...

Beautiful pieces, especially the autumn leaves & love birds. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one thinking of putting up the Christmas tree - the hubs would think i was crazy! And I don't want to wake up and find my three year old tangled in it, soooo it will wait for next month. You'll do great at your shows.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Johanna, you have been so busy - it sounds like the world is ready for you as much as you're ready for it, too - flyyyyy!!!!!


Laurel said...

Awe yay! I am so glad I found this blog via French Charming:)
I love your artful pieces. I featured you a ways back on my little blog and I lost track of you! I am glad to have refound you!
Those Martha goodies are on my to try list!