Wednesday, November 25, 2009

With Thanksgiving...

With thanksgiving in my heart
Joy in my soul

Today & each & every day
I am G r a t e f u l for....
{in no particular order}

The Boy*seasons*Jesus*change*patience learned*hearts healed*coffee*cupcakes*friends found*tears released*cheese*romance*faith renewed*creativity*restoration*grace*good health*family ties (my clan, not the the late '80's show...hmm...whatever happened to Skippy?)*a good book*secrets whispered*learning from my past*red wine*birds*music*rest*giggles*X's & O's*flowers*sparkly things*& You! ...a few among many, many good things in my life!

I've finished up some of the wreathes!
Did you notice???
I'm only showing the one's I couldn't part with.

.... was most of them {eek}!
As in all but 2 of them ;)
I'll be whipping up some more this weekend in between shoveling pumpkin pie down my throat! My brother gets in tonight & tomorrow the festivities begin! We have an annual Thanksgiving Family Talent Show, if you remember from last years post, it's rather hilarious & fun! I will be doing a dramatic reading from my 3rd grade journal my mother unearthed this summer! Oh boy was there some scandalous stories in there! hahahaha! Hopefully my brother will upload our soiree' to youtube again this year & I can share it with you birds!

What are your family traditions? Do share!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

First...can your family adopt me? What an awesome video...your family is awesom...I think I got jipped!

Love everything in your "grateful" list and as I was reading through I kept thinking "where's the red wine?", I can rest easy that it's there but are you sure it's that far down on the list???

Lovely wreaths and I can see why you can't part with them!

Oh please post the reading...I'm sure I'll pee my pants!

Have a fun filled, blessed Thanksgiving full of love and good times.


PS can I add the "free shipping" to my post?

Good Girls Studio said...

Of course you are adopted! You can be a crazy fun aunt :) & yes. please add it to the post!

Emily-Claire said...

Your wreaths are fantastic! I would have such a hard time choosing between them.

I look forward to seeing you at the Boylan Heights ArtWalk! It should be fun.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Federica said...

I just found your etsy shop and it's gorgeous!
Greetings from Italy!

kayemkay said...

GAH! i went to the youtube video of last year and they disabled the sound! i guess you didn't know your family was such a scandal that they needed censored...

oh how i wish i could see it.

anyway, your wreaths are gorgeous. i made one too this year for the first time. my husband wrapped the vines and i got to use some left over decorations from our wedding.

i think it's a great tradition to start... and eventually we'll be known as those "crazy people with 50 wreaths on their door". ha. ha.
(that would be crazy...)

hmmm. looks like i need a new tradition...


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