Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There's a Good Girl giveaway over on The Shopping Memo! You can check it out right here! hmm...that sounded like we're giving away a person instead of a piece of jewelry hahahaa :)


In other news, I'm still scampering around trying to get ready fashionSpark. Actually, it's more like limping since I did something awful to my back this weekend & can hardly sit, let alone scamper! :( Poor Johanna...let's have a pity party shall we!?!

Well, enough of that! There's work to be done & fun to be had! Tell me, did you have a relaxing Labor Day weekend? We popped on over to the coast for some R & R. Tyler played lots of golf with my dad while my mom & I scavenged antique shops. There was also plenty of watching the rivers waves...
...what is it about water that just draws you in & sucks you up ?

~windy wind~
I could sit & watch the waves for hours
...makes me miss living in Tampa (almost!)!

I'll leave you birds with a sneak preview of a necklace for the fashion show...


PS: I'm looking at the pic of me & noticing the shiny gray hairs!
Maybe I shouldn't use the macro setting when taking my own
photo! Hopefully the next time you see me , my hair will be a
different color. I'm thinking Dark Brown, somehow it always goes
back to red no matter what color I dye it!
Any suggestions?


Kate said...

we must be on the same page because my new greys made me consider going darker too. What do you think? Should we take the plunge?

Good Girls Studio said...

yes...darker! Maybe tomorrow. My friend said I need to put ash brown in it to keep the red away so I might try it...pics to come!

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